Flamini in Bust-Up with Club Tailor.

Mathieu Flamini who made a return to the Emirates Stadium last summer was reportedly involved in a bust-up with the club's tailor.

According to club tradition, it is mandatory for every on-field player to put on the same kind of kit as the captain but there was a slight difference in Arsenal's 1-0 loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday. Thomas Vermaelen before the clash chose the long sleeve jersey pattern which the club tailor then made as requested. Flamini who was not satisfied with that asked to get short sleeves instead. He was told that would not be possible as it was against the club's rule. The club tailor Vik Akers told him to roll up his sleeves to make them short but that was not what he wanted so he picked up a scissors and badly cut off the sleeves. This was not done in the presence of Vik.

At half time, some club officials noticed what the Frenchman was putting on. They were astonished by what they saw but left him alone till the end of the game. When the game finished, he was confronted by the 67-year old kit maker and that was where they exchanged words with one another.

Flamini Fights Tailor Vic Akers

Speaking to the Daily Star, an Arsenal source revealed,

‘Vic and Mathieu had heated words at the end of the game. It is a tradition that all players wear the same shirt. Why he can’t simply roll his sleeves up rather than cut them off is beyond most of us.

‘But only Bacary Sagna gave Vic any support over the issue.

‘It didn’t help that the shirts were ones with a poppy on, that are sometimes auctioned off to raise money for charity.’

So Flamini has learnt the Italian crazy culture. As we all know, the Italian league is one in which a lot of players are strong-headed. Maybe he was influenced during his stay at AC Milan. I just hope he calms down in order not to get his name into the blackbook. I trust Arsene Wenger to put an end to such unruly behaviour.

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