Are You Really an Arsenal Fan?

Are you an Arsenal faithful or just a glory hunter who only shows his identity whenever the team is doing well? I am asking you this question as a result of the sorts of people I have met who claim to be fans but when closely monitored are actually the opposite.

In case you do not know, I will like to define who a fan is. A fan is someone who stays by his club in every weather. He or She doesn't care if the club has a streak of wins, draws or losses. He is readily prepared to defend his team when critics say what is not true about them.

You might be wondering what warranted such an article from me. Well I feel sick when I hear unnecessary complaints from so-called fans who claim to love the club from their heart any time a little setback comes their way. Do not get me wrong please. I am not saying as fans we should not say things as they are but not to that point where we have to throw insults at the players or manager. If you think football is that easy why not enroll at a club and see what becomes of you on the short run.

Arsenal fans

Arsene Wenger is such an intelligent man but at times he makes some mistakes. After all he is human and not a supernatural being. When such mistakes occur, it is normal to point them out but not reign abuses on the loyal Frenchman who has sleepless nights just to see Arsenal succeed. I wonder if some of those plastic fans think he loves it whenever we lose a game.

Likewise, some players may underperform in games as a result of fatigue or some other factors. It is okay to give post-match opinions on players but not saying out dirty words which will only make matters worse if heard by those they were directed at. Healthy criticism is allowed.

On Saturday for instance, we lost 5-1 to Liverpool. Many didn't expect Arsenal to suffer a defeat in that game not to talk of recording such a tragic score line. That is football for you and as fans we just have to move on and support our club. I was disappointed when some of us started blaming Wenger for not signing players in the last transfer. I won't deny the fact that we need reinforcement in some departments but our loss that day was unconnected to our inability to secure a signing in January. Was there any much difference in the team we fielded when we won 2-0 in the first leg and the one we made use of last weekend? Almost all on-field players were not at their best that day and so it was none of Wenger's fault.

I was on Facebook after the Liverpool loss and saw a fan make a post saying he was happy Wenger slipped and fell to the ground. He said that was a good reward for him for losing that match and prayed for more of such occurrences. Just imagine such a stinking talk. If you know you are not pleased with Wenger's lack of signings then do not just make it known only when we lose.

I will just have to stop here as I believe a message had been passed. He who has an ear, let him hear what I have just said. If you cannot support a team when they are in an ugly condition then do not support them when they become victorious. It is either you are a fan or not. Bye for now.

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