Arsene Wenger Fell to the Floor after Anfield Defeat.

At first I thought it was all a joke not until I saw it on a top website this morning. Some of these pictures had been flying around on social networks since last weekend but I just ignored them thinking they were fake. You know it is common nowadays to see various edited pictures whose main aim are to throw banter at rival clubs.

After Arsenal's 5-1 loss to Liverpool on Saturday afternoon; a tie in which they conceded 4 goals just 20 minutes into the game Arsene Wenger had an accident. It happened while the Frenchman was on his way into Liverpool's Lime Street Station.

You can check out the images below if you haven't seen them already. Pictures speak a lot so even without any captions on them, I think you should be able to figure out how the whole scenario occured. Maybe I should just run over them all.

The first of them all shows Arsene Wenger entering Liverpool's Lime Street Station after his side's humiliating defeat which now puts them in second position {two points behind Chelsea with a game in hand against Manchester United}.

Arsene Wenger falls

The next displays the scene where the Arsenal manager actually slipped and took a tumble. I wasn't there when it happened anyway. That was what was gathered from onlookers. Lol. What caused the fall is still a mystery to me and many others.

Arsene Wenger falls

In the third image, you can see a police officer trying to render assistance by helping Wenger to his feet.

Arsene Wenger falls

The last shows another police officer helping him pick up his luggage as the former helped Monsieur to his feet.

Arsene Wenger falls

As an English and Literature student, I was able to pick out an element of symbolism from this occurence. Wenger's fall symbolises Arsenal's drop from the top of the EPL table which came to reality when Chelsea grabbed a win against Newcastle on Saturday. I just hope his fall doesn't symbolise our continuous fall. I pray it is just temporary.

Manchester United tonight! Let's fight hard for a win and go back to the peak where we belong. Goodday!!!

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