Mesut Ozil to Leave Arsenal at the End of the Season?

 Still buzzing over Manchester United's disaster in last night's Champions League last 16 fixture against Olympiacos. Hahaha. The most interesting part is that our very own player Joel Campbell who is currently on loan with the Greek Champions contributed to their misfortune. Let's forget about them and focus on why we are here.

It has been a while I made any update on transfers. This one you are about reading is one in which I could not just pass by. It sounded funny to me so I decided to share with you guys.

I woke up this morning and the first news I got from a friend was that Jose Mourinho aka Basketmouth had been making contacts with Mesut Ozil in order to enable him secure his signing next summer. Knowing he is someone who jokes a lot I did not believe him. Nevertheless I had to make my findings and surprisingly, it was true.

The already widely spread report has it that the Chelsea manager will do all he can to make sure Arsenal's German midfielder becomes a Blue before next season. The record signing after receiving lots of criticisms from fans due to his drop in form was said to have gotten an SMS from his former boss encouraging him to remain patient till the end of the present campaign. Someone eyeing a player who has not even spent up to a year in a rival club is the greatest nightmare one could imagine. If after all the money spent on the purchase of Ozil Arsenal lets him depart after just a season with them then they have lots of questions to answer from their fans. Let us even assume Arsenal do not need him anymore, is Chelsea the right club to allow him join? No.

Ozil Gives Jersey to Mourinho

It was said towards the end of both's stay at Real Madrid that they were not in good terms but recent happenings had shown that may not be true after all. If you could remember, Ozil went to Mourinho to greet him the day the Gunners crashed out of the Capital One Cup after which the Portuguese gave him a hug and requested for his jersey. He got it. He then went on to praise the 25 year old in one of his media briefings. All these might be tricks to entice the unsuspecting German to join him at Stamford Bridge.

"Joke of the Year" is what I will call this. Does Mourinho think he is dealing with fools? Wenger will no longer make such a mistake.of strengthening his dreaded rivals with one of his best stars. I believe his last at Arsenal was that of Robin Van Persie to Manchester United.

What is your say on this matter? Do you think such a deal could happen and if it does, what will your reaction be?

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