Arsenal Midfielder Set to Return in Next Few Days.

Injury prone Abou Diaby is expected to begin training soon, according to Arsene Wenger. Nevertheless, the Arsenal midfielder has a very bleak chance of playing again this season.

The Frenchman whose career had been threatened by strings of fitness challenges has not been seen competing for Arsenal for the past one year because of a knee problem. However if he does not suffer another setback he should be fully set for a first team return by the beginning of the coming season.

"Diaby will be back to full training on April 1", said Wenger.

"I cannot predict now how much time it will take him to be competitive. I cannot plan for him to play a role now in the coming games, but maybe I will have a good surprise when I see him."

I know this news won't bring joy to the hearts of some Arsenal fans as so many of them believe Diaby can no longer be set free from his woes. They keep saying he should retire and venture into something else. Flashback to the last six years and you will see Robin Van Perise in a similar situation. The Dutchman spent more time on the treatment table than he did on the pitch but eventually he scaled through. Maybe Abou can get lucky this time by staying injury free for a very long period.

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