Nicklas Bendtner Got Drunk and Harassed Taxi Driver on UCL Night.

Niclas Bendtner has done it again! On so many occasions the Danish striker had made the headlines for some irresponsible behaviour. If he isn't found drunk lying helplessly somewhere, he be involved in a night club fight. The latest one looks worse than the previous ones.

On the night of Arsenal's exit from the Champions League, the striker whose last game for Arsenal was on February 2, harassed a taxi driver in Copenhagen. The incident occurred outside Norrebro Brewery in Ryesgade. Bendtner after getting drunk, severely threatened the the cab driver. According to him, the 26-year old unbuttoned his trousers and rubbed himself against his taxi shouting "I will f**k you."

Bendtner Gets Drunk and Harasses Taxi Driver.

He was asked to leave but he refused which prompted the driver to phone the police. He also said that Nicky whipped the car with his belt in the process. Bendtner was with three of his friends on the night; one of them having a bicycle.

"They were pretty drunk," the 47-year-old taxi driver told BT. "I got out of the car to put the bike stand on the back of the cab, and Bendtner and two of the others climbed into the back seat. When I sat back down I saw that the taxi radio had been kicked loose and was dangling down. They'd also taken some of my personal belongings that had been lying between the seats and, when I asked to have them back, Bendtner completely freaked out.

"He said that, if he was not so famous, he would have smacked me, and he called me a 'little fat pig'. I asked him to leave the car – I had to ask them three times, and said I'd have to call the police if they didn't." 

The cabman said that, while he was removing the bike stand again from the back of the car, Bendtner had to be taken away by his three friends.

"He stood at the back of the car and rubbed up against the side window after unbuttoning his pants while he whipped the cab with his belt and shouted he wanted to 'fuck me'," he added. "I've had drunks and alcoholics in my cab in Copenhagen over the last 25 years, but I've never experienced anything like this."

Both the club and the player's spokesman have refused to make any comments on the issue. Arsenal are currently looking into the matter. His too many controversies might just force Arsenal to let him leave next summer since he hasn't signed a new deal yet.

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