Spiritual Healer Claims She Was Married to Wenger.

Stephany Cohen who is from Bromley has told the press she was married to Arsene Wenger at a time in the 15th century.

The spiritual healer who also claims to be the god of all aliens said she had a romance with the Arsenal manager when she was Joan of Arc and the Frenchman was Dauphine of France. She stated Arsene possesses the same traits as his former husband and that's what makes her recognise him.

Stephany Cohen Says She Was Married to Wenger.

"Mr Wenger and I were engaged in a previous life," she told News Shopper.

"We had a romance when I was Joan of Arc and he was the Dauphine of France.

"He was the same man we know him to be today. Highly intelligent but very stubborn. His big problem is he never has a plan B."

‘Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season because of that.’

This same lady made a prophecy earlier this season that Crystal Palace will not slip out of the Premier League under the control of Tony Pulis.

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  1. arsenal needs rebranding we ain't going nowhere with this fucking team & fucking coach, ass holes.


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