BREAKING: Arsene Wenger Meets Costa in Spain. Deal 90% Done.

The just concluded weekend outings saw Chelsea drop three points away at Crystal Palace, Arsenal and City drop two, Liverpool claim three to drag "The Talking One" away from the top and bla bla bla. This time again Spurs showed us they will forever remain in our shadows after suffering a 4-0 hammering from the hands of Brendan Rodgers' boys. Hahaha!!! Now to the main topic of the post.

Arsene Wenger few hours after the Manchester City game was said to have travelled out of London. The Heathrow Airport was where he was spotted but where the Frenchman was heading to remained a mystery to those who saw him not until Sunday evening. The Arsenal manager was first sighted in one of Spain's international airports before some pressmen released pictures of him and Diego Costa at a hotel reception. No one needs a magician to tell him/her that both met for transfer talks.

To further confirm this, the Atletico Madrid striker when asked in an interview did not give much details on what transpired between him and the Arsenal manager but admitted that their meeting was an attempt to take him to greener pastures. Costa also stated that an agreement was struck. He said nothing more despite the pressure being put on him by the journalists.

Arsene was also quizzed on what the meeting was all about but he refused to say anything about it.

"It was a meeting, said the 64-year old. "Nothing more. I don't have to tell you what we discussed about."

Olivier Giroud's haters will start jubilating as soon as they hear of this. Many have heavily criticized the manager for not buying a sharper striker in January but with the step he has just taken we should all expect to see one or two marquee strikers at Arsenal by the start of the 2014/15 season.

I know you are now beaming with joy. Have you wondered or checked what today's date is??? It's April Fool!! Lol. Happy New Month to you.

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  1. haha this was funny thanks mate for the laugh!

  2. Aprils fool mutha fuukas

  3. April fools day at its best........


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