Everton 3-0 Arsenal: Wenger Still the Perfect Man for the Job.

Everton 3 0 Arsenal. Arggghhh!!!! This is not cool at all. Our performance today was nothing to write home about. That loss means we are just a point ahead of the Merseyside club who have a game in hand. What's wrong is what I do not know.

Arsenal's away form especially against big teams this season had been so poor; Manchester City 6-3, Liverpool 5-1, Chelsea 6-0 and now Everton. The large number of injuries we've got seem to be affecting us a lot and since we make use of almost the same set of players in every game it's so certain they would be easily fatigued. That's not an excuse anyway.

I think the solution now is to begin signing quality players in excess and not for Wenger to quit. For those who want him out, I assure you all won't like it if he does. I wonder who you know of that can handle situations the way he does. Matters will only move from bad to worse if we appoint someone else.

The man hasn't been spending big on players all this while. Many say he is stingy, he has lost his spark, he is this, he is that but they forget he works with the directives of the board. When we moved away from Highbury in 2006 we incurred a big debt which we had to pay back annually. This made the club less active in transfer windows as they believe throwing out too much on players' recruitment would only make the club lose balance financially which might eventually make Arsenal a victim of the Financial Fair Play Rule. It isn't as if Wenger himself loves it as it is but his loyalty is what is making him keep quiet all these while. We hear Gazidis and Kroenke saying all the time that there is money for Wenger to spend if he wants to but those statements are just untrue. The Frenchman then comes out and says things which make it look as if he does not fancy spending big on world class players. He does all these just to stay in line with what Stan and Ivan had said earlier.

Recent findings have it that the club now has lots of excess cash and would bring in top stars in the coming summer. Let's all wait till that time. If it happens Wenger doesn't spend big this time around and doesn't show the world his disatisfaction torwards the club's approach when it comes to transfers then anyone who wants him out would be justified. Till then, I remain an antagonist to the WengerOut campaign.

Our Champions League slot for next season is at stake at the moment. All we should do is take our remaining games serious and hope Everton drop points since they are still gonna meet Manchester United and Man City.

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