FA Cup Semi-Final: Wigan 1-1 Arsenal, Match Report in Pidgin English.

Arsenal don land put for FA Cup final. Bad belle people don close mouth. No be small thing we see today for Wembley when Wenger boys dem dey play Wigan wey be Manchester City wife. Dem flog City for final last season come still show them pepper for quarter-final this season.

The two teams dem no gree score for first half but Arsenal really get many chances sha. E get one time wey Chambelain carry ball dey run as if Boko Haram dey pursue am. As him wan go score, na im Scott Carson tell am say "Oboy! You no dey go anywhere. The guy just commot the ball from him leg. E still get another one wey im give Sanogo but as the striker nod am, na the keeper body e go touch. Wigan get chances too.

For second half MacManaman dribble enta box, Mertesacker come go fall am down. Ref come give dem penalty wey dem take score. As the score turn 1-0, many Arsenal fans don dey fear say another gbege wey no go let us win anything wan happen but Mertesacker vex nod ball wey don almost enta voicemail inside net. Na 1-1 e still be for 90 minutes.

We enta extra-time but nobody score so na only penalty fit settle the fight. Heart attack nearly kill people as the penalty start. Arsenal score all their penalties. Arteta, Kallstrom, Giroud and Cazorla na the men wey fire the ball enta net for us. Wigan score only two. Fabianski try for us wella today. Na im save those two penalties. E be like say that guy get magnet for body. Im no just let the shots pass am. Na so e be wey we take enta final o. We dey go back go Wembley for May. Hehehe!!! Some people wey no like progress don dey beef us. Dem dey talk say na ordinary Wigan we beat wey we dey happy. Na their mouth. Make dem dey run am. Wetin me know be say whether na with penalty or na against small team o, win na win. E no concern anybody. Why dem wey sabi play wella no reach where we dey?

This one na the 18th time wey we go enta FA Cup final. Make we win am na im be the mata wey dey ground cos if we go lose for final ehn e no go funny o. I go vex to the extent say I go naked bath.

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