REVEALED: Why Chelsea Woefully Lost to Atletico Madrid.

Chelsea Football Club of London which is being managed by the so-called Special One got to the end of their journey in the Champions League on Wednesday night. They were disgraced by Atletico Madrid who beat them 3-1 at Stamford Fallen Bridge. Ouch!!!.

Many wondered what went wrong with Mourinho's tactics last night. Are you one of them? If "yes" then you are lucky to be reading this. I made some findings and at the end of the day I was not surprised about the Blues' loss anymore.

I am an Arsenal fan who stays outside Europe so I did not know of the transport challenges London residents faced yesterday. It was later a friend of mine told me there was fuel scarcity in the United Kingdom which was why it was difficult to get petrol.

As individuals and households were hit by the scarcity, so were big organisations like Chelsea also affected. As we all know, what Chelsea do when playing teams is to drive a bus to the field and park it in front of goal to hinder their opponents from gaining access to their post. Yesterday, they could not get fuel on time and by the time they managed to get some petrol, it was already halftime.

In preparation for the rest of the game, the bus was being driven to Stamford Bridge when it broke down on the way. All efforts to push it down to the stadium failed and that was why Atletico scored three past them. Investigations as to why the bus got faulty revealed it was all Mourinho's fault. Why??

Before the game, the former Real Madrid boss was given £1 000 000 to get an original luxurious bus but as a result of his greed he went for a bus of £150 000 and kept the remaining cash for himself. The bus he bought was not strong enough, the reason for its breakdown. Hahahahaah!!!!

Eat your words Mou! You called Wenger a specialist in failure and I guess that is what is haunting you right now. Though you have a chance of winning the EPL, I do not see that happening. The one you tagged a failure even has a better chance of winning something this season. Grow up and stop behaving like a kid. You are nothing but an attention seeker.

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