Wenger to Blame for Arsenal's Injuries, Says Ex-Gunner.

Former Arsenal matchday show analyst, Stewart Robson has given the reason for the club's too many injury woes as being as a result of stressful training tasks. He said this was revealed to him by one of the physios.

Loads of Arsenal players like Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil, Yaya Sanogo, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski (just to mention a few) have been hit with long-term fitness issues this season which is the main reason why the Gunners lost their spot at the top of the Premier League table. Diaby has also not played for over a year all because of the same old stuff.

There was a time when Arsene Wenger showed concern over the too many injuries his players sustain and demanded for an investigation into the cause. His guess then was that it was due to the intake of some legal supplements without the knowledge of the club's medical staff.

Robson has a different view as he believes the manner at which Wenger stresses the boys in training is the reason why they easily get injured.

“I met one of the members of Arsenal’s sports science department and he said he told Arsene Wenger on many occasions that ‘you are working the players too hard’ and Wenger took no notice.” Robson told ESPN FC.

“In fact, the rest of the coaching staff told him to be careful what he says because Wenger could get him out of the club” he added.

This claim to me is not a logical one considering the fact that there are some of our stars who hardly get injured. Also, most of these injuries are sustained during matches so what Robson said needs to be looked at from different angles. Giroud for example has been available for over 93% of the season despite being the only top striker we have. What of those players who had fractures? Did Wenger cause that too?? Take a look at these:

Chamberlain got a knee injury caused by a collission with an Aston Villa player. Theo Walcot had his knee twisted while Jack Wilshere was injured after receiving a harsh tackle from a Liverpool player while on international duty. How was Wenger involved in any of these?

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