Wojciech Szczesny Shares Award With Petr Cech.

The Barclays Golden Glove Award is a honour which usually goes to the goalkeeper with the highest number of clean sheets in a Premier League season.

The one for this season was quite different as two pairs of gloves were needed. Petr Cech of Chelsea and our own man, Wojciech Szczesny had to share the award as they both did not concede any goal in 16 league games of the 2013/14 campaign which came to an end on Sunday. These two guys had the chance of surpassing one another in the sense that Cech secured his in 34 games and had been out with a shoulder injury eversince. If not for that, the Cech international might have kept some more clean sheets. Szczesny on the other hand missed Arsenal's last game which was against Norwich City. The Polish would have more likely added to his tally if not for his omission from the squad that defeated Norwich 2-0.

Luis Suarez claimed the Barclays Player of the Season Award and also the Barclays Golden Boot. He had a total of 31 goals and 12 assists. Tony Pulis of Crystal Palace was crowned the Barclays Manager of the Season.

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