Jack Wilshere Caught Smoking Again.

Jack Wilshere has sparked more attention from the media after being caught smoking cigarette at a pool in the United States.

This incident took place at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas during a friend's stag party last week. The stick was reportedly offered to him by his brother, Tom while an ex-Arsenal masseur, Kieran Hunt poured Champagne down his throat.

This is not the first time the 22-year old would be involved in such controversies. In October last year, he was snapped outside a nightclub doing the same thing [smoking] as he was having a conversation with a blonde. He vowed not to let such an act repeat itself after being scolded by Arsene Wenger but it seems he has forgotten so quickly. In 2010, he caused a brawl at a nightclub when he asked a lady to get rid of her boyfriend because he [Wilshere] and his friends were richer than he was. The lady who was identified as Kimberley Plested ended up breaking her elbow in an attempt to protect her boyfriend who sustained an eye injury. The England international ended up receiving a caution from the police.

I could also remember what he did to a cab driver in March 2011. He took up the Arsenal-Spurs rivalry to a higher level by raining insults at the owner of a taxi just because the 64-year old had a Tottenham hat on. He accepted another police caution and apologised for his unruly behaviour.

"Wilshere’s behaviour is the worst I’ve ever seen in all my time as a cabbie," said Spencer.

"No one deserves to be spat at just because of the team they support. He was behaving appallingly, but when he noticed my Spurs hat it got a lot worse. He suddenly started calling me every name under the sun.

"He walked straight up to me and said, “You’re f*****g taking us”, as he pointed to my cab. When I told him he was too drunk he got even more aggressive and started screaming at me that I should take him and his mates."

Many believe the midfielder's career has stalled in recent years owing to drop in form and frequent injuries while some others think he is being hunted by his arrogance. Some football pundits have also made comments on his latest case. However, Arsene Wenger stated in his interview after Arsenal's pre-season opener against Boreham Wood that he was going to have a chat with Jack when he returns from his summer holiday. The Frenchman went on to praise him saying he is a player with great potentials.

“I haven’t spoken to him so it’s very difficult for me to make any statement,” said the manager.

“I know what you can make of pictures – I have to speak to him really to see what happened before I come out publicly.

“I’m not deeply concerned by it. I just want to know what happened and before I know what happened, I don’t want to talk too much about it.”

“He’s at an age where you want him to move forward,” he said. “He has the potential. I believe for him, the most important [thing] now is to have a good preparation and focus on getting really fit.

“Jack is a great player – he has a football brain and he’s ambitious. I’m sure that if he’s injury free, he will have a great season.”

Over to you readers. What is your take on Wilshere's past and recent public behaviours? Remember, the last time he was caught smoking, he scored two goals the following game. Lol.

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