REVEALED: Lionel Messi Attempted a Move to Arsenal.

When one reads transfer news at times, he or she starts to wonder if there is any iota of truth in them. I came across this one two days ago and was filled with much doubt over this claim. Sounded funny so I thought I should share with you.

The Express reported that the best footballer on planet Earth was considering a move to Arsenal at the same time when ex-skipper, Cesc Fabregas alerted the Gunners of his willingness to make a sensational return to the Emirates Stadium. It is believed the 27-year old was fed up with the Nou Camp outfit's poor performance which made them lose the league title to Atletico Madrid on the last day of the 2013/14 season.  Lionel Messi lost interest when Fabregas signed for Chelsea.

At that time, Messi had a release clause of £250 million on his contract which Arsene Wenger would surely not have agreed to pay. The Argentine who helped his country to the final of the World Cup (even though they did not get the gold medal) made his interest known to Arsenal through his agent. The Barcelona star ended up signing a new contract with the Catalan club.

This is what I call the Joke of the Century. What a ridiculous report! Messi at Arsenal? Hahahaha. That would only happen when Arsene Wenger retires or maybe the Sheiks of the United Arab Emirates take full control of the club.

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