Frenchman Says Arsenal's Sanchez Siging Was a Wrong One, Mascherano's Role in Chileans's Acquisition and More.

August is here! Let not your shortcomings of the last 31 days bother you for as long as there is life, there is hope for a brighter future. Learn from your past mistakes and I assure you things will turn around in your life. Happy New Month to you all!

This morning, we will be taking a look at comments (both good and evil) that had been fired at Arsenal within the last three weeks. It all started when we signed Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona and as I am speaking I see more coming. Hmm!! Don't know where to start from. Ok maybe I should pick the most popular first.

This guy, the one who made the most controversial statement is someone we all know. He said this same thing last season but had to swallow his words even before the Premier League campaign came to an end. If you think I am referring to Michael Owen, the footballer-turned-pundit then you are on track like Hussain Bolt.
When it became glaring that Sanchez was going to be at the Emirates next season, Michael Owen said that though he was impressed by his arrival at Arsenal, he is so sure we are not going to finish in top four. Hahahah! Even a Tottenham fan will want to know what the former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City man smoked before letting out such utterances from his mouth.

I could also remember one other annoying talk he aired last season when he came to the conclusion that no Arsenal player was worthy of making the EPL Best XI. One thing I have come to realize is that it is not as if this dude does not know what he is doing. Public attention is what he is seeking, hence he believes he would get that from Arsenal fans. You all know we Gunners do not tolerate such nonsense talks. We will surely fire back on such occasions and that is what Owen wants. I know of one Nigerian pundit, Oma Akatugba who used to taunt Arsenal fans for this same result. Enough on Owen! On to the next one!

Luis Suarez finally completed a whopping £75 million transfer to Barcelona at the end of the World Cup and his former captain, Steven Gerrard came out to say that he advised him not to join the Gunners last season because the Uruguayan star was too good for Arsenal. Oh my God! What the hell is this? Is it that Steven G is still jealous over the fact that Sanchez turned down Liverpool to join Arsenal? Na him sabi.

See what Gerrard said,
“Last summer when he was out in the cold and training on his own that’s the conversation I had with him. I said: ‘Don’t go to Arsenal’.

“I would have been really sad and disappointed to see Luis go to Arsenal. With all due respect to them, I said to him that he was too good for Arsenal. I said if you score 30 goals for us and win the PFA player of the year, the press player of the year – I knew he was going to win them – I told him Real or Barcelona will come for him.”

Oh! So Gerrard has become a soothsayer. He claims he knew Suarez was going to win the PFA and Press Player Awards last season. How then was he not able to see it from the beginning of the 2013/14 EPL season that Liverpool were going to lose the title to Manchester City?

The next shot at Arsenal is the latest and it is coming from someone who scored a couple of own goals during his time with the Gunners. His name is Mikael Silvestre. The ex-Arsenal defender in an interview condemned Arsene Wenger’s acquisition of Sanchez. To him that is not the sort of player the Frenchman needs in his squad. Could someone please tell this guy to go look for a coaching job if he is that good in football management? Also ask him if he was the kind of player we needed when we signed him from Old Trafford in 2008. He should mind his business.

You’ve read enough offensive remarks from our haters already. I know this one will calm your anger and that’s the reason I am making it the last.
Barcelona’s Javier Mascherano has revealed he played a role in Alexis Sanchez’s move to North-London. According to the Argentine international he was asked by the Chilean whether he should sign for Liverpool and he (Mascherano) suggested Arsenal as the better option.

“Alexis Sanchez asked me whether he should join Liverpool FC and I told him ‘Arsenal is the best club you should join in the English Premier League’.”, said Mascherano.

Mascherano’s case is unlike Gerrard’s. He advised Sanchez to join Arsenal but never aimed negative remarks at Liverpool. The reason for such advice, even if it was controversial was kept to himself. I think that is better. If I say to a friend who is considering to get a job at Nestle: “Cadbury would be okay for you’, that is fair enough but if I say ‘Do not work for Nestle. They aren’t a good company. Work for Cadbury instead’ then I have overstepped my bounds. Here we see the difference between being professional (Mascherano) and acting like a kid (Gerrard).

[Yawns] Let me stop here. See you soon.

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