A Gooner Speaks Out After Arsenal's Draw in North-London Derby.

North-London Derby

Written by: BPS Artist

I was at the game yesterday and again was dismayed to see that Wenger did not start with Sanchez - something he should have done as his pace and work rate are essential to the progress of the team. Yet again we saw more evidence of Wenger’s tactical ineptitude.

Tottenham are usually spanked by Arsenal in the derbies. They usually play an open game but this time, they stank the place out by keeping 9 or 10 men behind the ball and only venturing out of their own area whenever Arsenal lost possession which wasn’t often.

Tottenham were clearly scared to play attacking football. Arsenal on the other hand were still being hampered by Wenger’s lack of ideas. He looked a tired and haggard man bereft of ideas and whilst Pochettino was on his feet throughout the game spurring his men, Wenger only got up towards the end. He lacks passion and does not drive his men on.

Wenger made early substitutions because he was forced due to injuries to Ramsey and Arteta. He never makes substitutions tactically in time to affect the game but usually waits until there are 15 minutes left by which time it is too late..

Ramsey is clearly off form and has been for the last 4 games and should be benched. Ozil was again played in a wrong position although he did drift in occasionally.

Has Wenger learnt nothing? Ozil may soon be requesting to leave to Bayern Munich if Wenger persists with this stubborness. Ox-Chambo was the star of the show. What does he have to prove again before getting that opportunity to start every week? He was a threat every single time he touched the ball, running at Tottenham’s defence with his pace and physicality and worked non-stop from start to finish. A real warrior he was. His persistence paid off with his equalizing goal although it must be pointed out that it was a shocking point blank miss from Welbeck that allowed the ball to run through to the Ox who scored to bring Arsenal back into the game.

The goal for Tottenham was caused yet again by another Szczesny mistake. He played the ball out to Flamini who was on the edge of the 18 yard box and surrounded by the opposition. He lost the ball and moments later it’s in the back of the Arsenal net. Szczesny would have saved Chadli’s shot had he used his hands and got down quicker instead of trying to use his feet.

His ball distribution and decision making are very poor. He fails every time to effectively distribute balls that set attacks in motion. He threw away 2 points yesterday yet despite blunder after blunder, you can bet Wenger will still keep him in goal as No.1. He is not good enough to be a first choice goalkeeper.

Wenger is handicapping this team with his totally illogical decisions. He has to go or be replaced for Arsenal to progress. Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp would bring the success that Arsene can no longer bring. The lack of a holding midfielder has cost Arsenal dearly and Wenger is to blame for it.

SHOCKING STAT: Arsenal had 16 corners and not one even looked like producing a goal. Last season against Sunderland, Arsenal had 17 corners at the Emirates and again nothing from any of them. It’s clear they cannot take them and it’s been like this for years. Why has Wenger allowed this to happen? It is because he has run out of ideas and has become incompetent. For the future of Arsenal, Wenger must be replaced.

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