Arsenal Did Not Deserve to Quit the CC Cup, Says Hector.

Hector Bellerin Says Arsenal Were Unlucky.

Arsenal were defeated last night? Yes, they were. It was the third round of the Capital One Cup which took place at the Emirates Stadium.

That loss was not a thing of surprise to many who already knew what to expect after seeing Arsene Wenger's lineup. The defence especially had no grounded player in there. Chambers is the only one I can say was a bit appropriate in that back four position

One of those who were in action last night was Hector Bellerin. We have seen him play for the first team a couple of times, starting from pre-season. This guy believes Arsenal were quite unlucky to have crashed out of the CC Cup after that spirited display they put up against the Saints.

"It wasn't our lucky night so we're out," Bellerin told Arsenal Player.

"They [Southampton] played a really good game as well but I think the team played well, we had our chances.

"I think we deserved a bit more but these things happen in these kind of competitions where you've just got one game and you've got to do your best.

"It was an inexperienced back-line but I think we did well. We need to keep playing and get this experience because otherwise you never start. It's always a pleasure to play with these players and overall it's a great experience for us.

"Everything's happened really fast and I'm happy for the chances that I'm being given. I'm working hard every week and getting my rewards makes me feel really happy.

"You just need to keep working hard and try and get in the starting XI. I'm young but that's what I'm waiting for and working for."

Hector signed for Arsenal from FC Barcelona in the the summer of 2011 and signed his first professional contract in July 2013. He is seen by many as a prospect who will make a big mark during his reign with the club.

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