Tottenham Fan Says He Prefers the Terrorist Sect (ISIS) to Arsenal.

Rivalry in football is normal and we know every club has its own rivals who they do not like. This is rampant between clubs located in the same locality. An example of such is the one between Manchester United and Manchester City.

Still in England, we are aware that even though Arsenal has rivals like Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and Man City, there is this club they have the greatest hatred for. Yes, you guessed right. That is Tottenham Hotspur who also have their home in North-London. Tottenham believe they are the Lords of the area while the Gunners think they are the owners of that territory. Since none of them wants to admit that he is inferior to the other, rivalry has set in and has been there for years.

Before the derby between Arsenal and Spurs last Saturday, Robbie from ArsenalFanTV involved fans in a game called "Higher or Lower". What is this game all about?
It was a game in which the presenter asked questions pertaining to the history of both sides and those involved had to give their answers as either 'Higher' or 'Lower'. The aim of the game was to establish the fact that Arsenal Rules North-London. Below is one of the questions:

Robbie: Tottenham have never stopped going on (talking) about winning the Double (League and FA Cup) in 1961. Is the number of Doubles Spurs won Higher or Lower than Arsenal's

In response to the above question, Arsenal fans present picked 'Lower' while the Spurs fan picked 'Higher'. The Spurs fan knew himself that the answer he gave was incorrect but he did not just want to admit that Arsenal is the King.

The game continued and at a time the Tottenham fan got frustrated to the point where he had to say that he prefers 'that lot over there in Iraq' (ISIS) to Arsenal Football Club. I think this guy has taken this too far or was he high on something when he said this? Watch the video below to see it all.

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