Surprised Why Arsene Wenger Hardly Plays Podolski? Find Out the Reason.

So we got what we wanted. Arsenal beat Burnley 3-0 yesterday as two of our summer signings, Alexis Sanchez and Calum Chambers, scored a brace and his first goal for Arsenal respectively.

70' Alexis Sanchez [assisted by Chambers]
72' Calum Chambers
90' Alexis Sanchez [assisted by Gibbs]

The world also witnessed the return of Theo Walcott to the first team after being absent for 9 months. Note that he was not on a sabbatical but had to stay out due to a serious knee injury which he sustained against Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup about 38 weeks ago. He played so well on Saturday that some began to say ' Was he really injured?' Lol. Now to the main topic.

You would have at one time or the other wondered why Arsene Wenger hardly starts Lukas Podolski in games. Well, the answer is what you are about to discover. It is something you should have a clue about if you watch that German guy play.

If you saw Podolski's volley which crashed against the post yesterday, then you would understand me. Wenger does not want to disturb games too often. Just imagine he starts Podolski and he has to fire five of such shots in every 20 minutes. If any goes into the net, that net would have to be mended or replaced which means the game has to be paused for that period. If it hits a player, then the ambulances might have to come around to take such a person to hospital. Hahahaha!

Don't mind me. Just joking anyway. See you later.

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