Tomas Rosicky Complains Over Lack of Games.

Tomas Rosicky has bemoaned his inability to play regularly at Arsenal following his call up to the Czech national team.

First, it was Lukas Podolski who got quizzed by the German press concerning the effect of Arsene Wenger's policy on him and the forward showed disappointment over the treatment he has received recently.

Rosicky who has often been bugged in the past with lots of questions concerning the manager's selection policy was a bit straight this time around. The midfielder revealed that even though he is now 34 years old, he is still in good shape and agile. He is not happy with his predicament.

“I’m not sure what’s going on,” he told “I understand that I am 34-years-old and that it probably plays a role whether I like it or not. That’s without a doubt. However, I’m not in physical decline.

“When I played for the national team against Holland I ran 12km and according to the tests at Arsenal I’m in the top five in terms of speed.”

“We are on good terms, so  I do not really know what  it is. It is purely a coach’s  decision. It’s not my  decline. My health is fine  too. Of course I want to  play, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

The veteran was further asked if a change in gameplan is what is responsible for his exclusion from games and he replied:

“It’s possible. Compared to last season we’ve changed the system and again have started playing 4-4-2. The coach is trying to find a system that best suits the players, and vice versa.

“I’m not in this alone, there are other players in a similar boat. When we do get a chance it’s harder for us to get into our rhythm.

“So far this season has been disappointing for us. We haven’t played well and when I’ve played I’ve not been at the forefront of things.”

The January transfer window is just less than 2 months from now and one would think that Rosicky might look elsewhere for greener pastures but funny enough, he presently has no plans to quit the Emirates.

“It is still far away. There are still two months and we’ll see what happens when the winter transfer market window opens. So far, I’ve not thought about it at all.

“Sparta [Prague] will for me always be something I’m asked about because I’m a huge fan, but at the moment it’s not on the cards.”

Just like every other Arsenal fan, I do wonder why some of our players are not being given the chances to impact on the team. They have shown their class on different occasions and I think that is enough to stop depriving them of games. Players are not just happy getting paid at the end of every week without doing what they were employed to do.

Rosicky is a kind of player who is hardworking and down to earth. His presence in games gives much swagger to the team's attack. He is a born leader. It is high time Wenger does something about this because I would be the saddest Gunner if it happens that he leaves us all because of this. Podolski's case is not an exemption.

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