Angry Fans Attack Arsene Wenger After Lackadaisical Arsenal Display.

It is not strange to see fans go crazy at their manager whenever things go wrong with the team they support but the latest demonstration could be tagged ‘harsh and unnecessary’.

Arsene Wenger was attacked by some Arsenal supporters after their loss to Stoke City last Saturday. The Gunners performed woefully on that day. This was so evident from the result at halftime as we saw them hang three goals behind the visitors at the break.

The fans who had positioned themselves at the train station where the team were to come to board a train back to London threw insults at them when they surfaced. It seemed Wenger was their main target because majority of the verbal attacks were directed at him.

As the Frenchman approached, they began to boo him before one of them shouted, ‘Get out of my club’. Another followed with ‘F**k off’. That was not all. They repeatedly called the players bastards.

The first half alone was enough to anger the fans but they should at least have comported themselves and respected the players and the manager. There are fair and better ways to stage such a protest. Raining insults on the club’s most successful manager is something that is immoral and disrespectful so I think the affected party deserves an apology for that unruly behavior.

Having won just one trophy since 2005 – the 2013/14 FA Cup, fans are calling for Wenger’s sack as they believe his philosophy is about to send the club down the drains. To this effect, various banner protests had been staged with the most recent one being at Arsenal’s away game at Westbromwich Albion. At that game, a banner read, ‘Thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye’

 Will try to get you the video shortly. Not assuring you though. Bye and see you soon.

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  1. Two bob mugs give true Arsenal supporters a bad name.

    Grow up, grow some balls and stop being an apologist. Wenger got called out by loyal Arsenal supporters who travel land and sea to watch the Arsenal. The least they deserve is football manager who lives on his past, arrogance spewing out from every pore and a cynicism toward anyone who dissents.

    Wenger deserves nothing less.

    Wenger, please fuck off and die!


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