Ex-Winger Says He Now Hates Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

Gervinho Hates Wenger

Former Arsenal winger, Yao Kouassi Gervinho has condemned Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for the kind of treatment he received during his stay at the club.

The Ivorian international had a tough time with the Gunners as he struggled to clinch a permanent spot in the team. He made only 63 appearances and when it seemed as if he was surplus to requirement he had to join AS Roma in 2013.

Having experienced life at his new club, the Ivorian international has stated that there is a big difference in the way things are done in both clubs. He loves his new manager but now hates Arsenal even though it was his childhood dream to play for them one day.

‘He [Wenger] never had confidence in me. [Roma coach Rudi Garcia] doesn’t differentiate between those who are playing and those who aren’t playing. That’s important for a player,’ he is reported to have said while talking to journalists from Africa.

‘He doesn’t only speak to those who are playing, he talks to everyone as there are 25 players in the squad, not just 11.

‘As a child, I dreamed of playing for Arsenal because I loved them. Now I hate them for the way Wenger treated me.

‘However, I regretted leaving the club after such a short time without being able to show my worth, which I’m now doing at Roma instead.’

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