Jose Mourinho Reveals Why He is Happy to See Arsenal and Manchester City in Champions League.

Jose Mourinho

There are reports out there claiming that Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho is pleased to see Arsenal and Manchester City move on to the next round of the UEFA Champions League.

The fact that his rivals' progress will bring a lot of honour to England is one reason why he is happy with their qualification. On the other hand, it will be difficult for Chelsea to win the league if these two contenders drop out at this stage because they will now have more time to focus on the EPL so he wants them to remain in as many competitions as possible.

“I work in England. I want the prestige of English football and I hope they do well,“ the Portuguese said after his side got a 3-1 victory over Sporting on Wednesday night.

“And we have also Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton in the Europa League, so I wish them good (luck) too.

“At the same time it’s good for us that our direct opponents in the Premier League are involved in European competitions.

“Manchester United are not. They have the same advantage that Liverpool had last season in terms of the Premier League, a big advantage.”

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