Alexis Sanchez Insisted on Playing Against Hull.

It was expected that Alexis Sanchez would be given a breather in our last FA Cup game against Hull City but surprisingly, he was in the starting lineup.

Backing up his decision to play the Chilean forward, Arsene Wenger confidently stated that Alexis needs no rest because he recovers so quick and shows no sign of being jaded.

The Arsenal manager laid to rest the fears of fans who think the 26-year-old is being overplayed and might get injured. He insists he tends to shake off fatigue faster than any other player in the team.

“You look at the players who have that confidence and you are torn between when a player is that confident to keep him on playing or give him a rest but when the players are confident it is important to keep them going, especially when they have that physical potential,” he said.

“Sanchez recovers very quickly and he doesn’t look in our tests to have any fatigue problem.”

"He always gives you an incisive game and forces defenders into mistakes. He always looks dangerous and is a dream for a manager," Wenger added.

Arsene Wenger also revealed that he wanted to rest Alexis against Hull but that the ex-Barcelona star said 'no' as he was desperate to feature.

"I was tempted to rest Alexis today but he always feels ready," Wenger said.

"He always wants to play and that is what you want to see,"

Sanchez's inclusion in that game paid off. He was involved in Per Mertesacker's goal and also scored the second.

Steve Bruce, the Hull City manager also praised Sanchez for his overwhelming display against his side, labelling him a 'class act'.

"You can see he is an outstanding player. His work-rate, attitude and desire makes him a world-class player - and he looked it today," he confessed.

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