Arsenal Legend Stunned Over Dressing Room Misbehaviour.

Arsenal legend Ray Parlour has voiced out his disapproval of Wojciech Szczesny's recent smoking incident.

The Polish goalkeeper had a bad day having conceded two catastrophic goals against Southampton and being depressed, he resolved to smoking in the team's dressing room shower.

This behaviour angered Arsene Wenger and according to sources close to the club, Szczesny was given a heavy fine of £20 000 and was told he has played his last game for the season.

Parlour believes the Arsenal first choice goalkeeper was quite unfortunate to have been caught but states that a string of classy performance from the Pole in his next games will help win back Wenger's love.

"He didn’t have the best of games against Southampton",Parlour said. "He made two mistakes and Wenger was fuming with the keeper anyway and after catching him doing that as well, he’s come down like a ton of bricks.

"I can’t believe he was smoking in the shower. Lots of players these days probably do smoke behind the scenes. Whether it’s right or wrong - that’s what managers have to deal with.

"He'll have a meeting with Wenger but he’s a very confident lad. I don’t think mistakes affect him.

"It’s all about performances. I was hoping he’d get tested against Hull in the FA Cup and that could have kept him in the side against Stoke. I think he will play again but Wenger will speak to him and hopefully he’s learned his lesson."

Speaking on Arsene Wenger's disciplinary measures while he was still a player under him, the Sky Sports Pundit added: "He didn’t like confrontation. There wasn’t a lot fining back then. It wasn’t his style to have a go.

"I remember on a Monday after a poor performance he was trying to have a go at a few players and three or four phones went off. And he was panicking. He was fuming. He said it would be a £10,000 fine for the next phone that went off.

"Two days later we were getting prepared for the next game. We were stretching in a quiet room and a phone started ringing. It kept ringing and Wenger wanted to know whose phone it was. He got up, walked to his bag and it was in there. 'That’s £10,000 to me' he said and started laughing.

"Szczesny was just caught at the wrong time. Wenger had the hump after the Southampton defeat and Szczesny took the brunt of it. I’m pleased I never smoked - that’s a lot of money for a pack of fags!"

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