Chelsea Star Says Wenger is the Best Coach in the World.

Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal for Barcelona in the summer of 2011 and eversince then he has been showing that he still has a lot of regards for his former club. This is evident in the many positive Arsenal-related interviews he has held and what he has said about the North-London club.

The Spanish international who joined Chelsea for €33million last year has praised the Arsenal manager, saying that Arsene Wenger is the best coach in the world when it comes to the development of young stars.

The 27-year-old benefited from Wenger's youth policy when he joined from Barcelona back then, making his debut in the Carling Cup when he was just sixteen years of age. He then stepped up to the post of captain before returning to his childhood club.

“I will always be grateful,” Fabregas said, as per the Express.

“For a young player he is the best coach in the world.

“You make a mistake and he includes you (in the team), you make another mistake and he includes you, you get booed and he includes you.

“He doesn’t care. He believes in you. He always had confidence in me.”

Seeing that things did not work as planned, Fabregas decided to make a return to the English Premier League after spending three seasons in the La Liga. He wanted Arsenal but unfortunately for him, Arsene Wenger was no longer interested. Chelsea then embraced the opportunity to sign one of the world's greatest playmakers.

Speaking about his new club, Fabregas stated that he has no regrets joining the Blues and hopes to win more trophies for Jose Mourinho's side.

He added: “I spent eight years at Arsenal and now I have returned.

“I’m having a good season. Chelsea has given me security.

“I am rediscovering myself in football terms.

“I feel important, I wouldn’t say as the guiding captain but almost.

“It’s just that I play further back and that makes me feel more active in games and hence, I enjoy myself much more.

“I touch the ball 90 to 100 times per game and I missed that.

“I hope I can win everything with Chelsea but I don’t want the Champions League to become an obsession.”

Do you agree with Fabregas? Is Wenger really the best when it concerns the grooming of young footballers? Let's hear your views via the comment box.

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