Fabregas Says Arsenal Always Deserved a Win Over the Blues.

Chelsea playmaker and former Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas has expressed regrets over the inability of him winning more trophies at the Emirates Stadium.

The Spaniard was in the team that won the 2004/05 FA Cup but unfortunately, that was his first and last during his long reign at Arsenal. Cesc admitted in an interview with the Telegraph that he was so jealous watching Chelsea win most of the medals.

One other thing that he claims gave him concern was that Arsenal played better whenever they met the Blues. Nevertheless, they still went on to lose on most occasions.

He said: “At Arsenal, we were most of the games the better team, but we were always losing, I always said the same thing. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal. Then one long ball or one free-kick, Drogba goal. It was always the same.

“That tells you that it’s not always about the quality and the talent, it’s also about how much you want it, how much you know how to play your game. Their game was stay compact, compact, compact, compact, take your chances. They did it very well and they had good players, so you have to respect that."

Chelsea won three Premier League titles, three FA Cup trophies and two League Cups during Fabregas' first stay in England and that included a 2-1 win over Arsenal in the final of 2007.

Fabregas later left for Barcelona to achieve his dreams of winning more honours since he couldn't get that at Arsenal. He immediately got what he wanted but things didn't go smooth for him as he was hardly used in games. The club later decided to sell him out last summer. Fabregas wanted to make an Arsenal return but Arsene Wenger was not interested so our rivals had to snap him up.

He has contributed immensely to the success of Chelsea so far this season. It would be fair to say that he is the reason why Chelsea are current league leaders. Will they win it? No one knows but if they do, that will be a great reward for Cesc Fabregas.

Chelsea are now out of the FA Cup. They were deleted by Bradford last weekend when they lost a 2-0 lead to the visitors. The Capital One Cup, Premier League and Champions League are options for them to add to their trophy cabinet.

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