Funny Conversation Between Rooney and Kai.

Hahahaha! This is a funny conversation between Wayne Rooney and his son Kai. In this piece the son wants to know why his dad is worthy to be called a great attacker. No offence please! Just for fun as usual. Read on and enjoy your day. Here is the conversation:

Rooney: My good son, I want you to be a great footballer like me.

Son: Sure dad! What position did you play before?

Rooney: I was a natural attacker.

Son: Wow! I love attackers. See Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal. He is so good. What shows you were an attacker dad?

Rooney: Yes. I have scored many goals and made many assists.

Son: I hear of Thierry Henry who has also scored many goals and has many assists. Dad have you ever won the golden boot?

Rooney: Not yet but very soon I will son.

Son: Not even a pre-season golden boot? (Rooney unable to talk).

Son: I have also heard that Laurent Koscielny has scored many goals. Is he a striker?

Rooney: Go to bed, you have classes tomorrow.

Son: I better be a great defender like Laurent Koscielny than to be a miserable striker like you dad.

Rooney: You're a fool! You were even adopted.

Don't get it twisted Manchester United fans. This is just a joke to catch fun with. Stay calm!!

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