Funny Joke on the Fate of English Teams in the FA Cup.

Arsenal sealed their place in the last 16 of the FA Cup after a tough fight with Brighton and Hove Albion on Sunday evening. That game ended 3-2 in our favour and Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil and Tomas Rosicky were the ones who ensured that was possible.

It is not a pity that the likes of Manchester City , Chelsea and Tottenham crashed out on Saturday. At least they have shown us that they are not better than those lower division teams they played. The London noise makers' cases were worse. Both of them lost their leads and went on to lose. Well, that's their own business.

Whatsapp users who have at one time or the other joined Whatsapp groups will be able to pick the fun out of the writeup below. If the FA Cup had a Whatsapp group, you'll see something like:

Arsenal is online
Manchester United is typing...
Liverpool is typing...
Manchester City left group
Southampton left group
Tottenham Hotspur left group
Swansea left group
Chelsea was removed

The team online is that one who has qualified for the next round while those typing still have a chance to progress. They recorded draws in their games and will have to play a return leg fixture to ascertain their eligibility.

The ones who left group or were removed have no hope anymore. They will have to come back next season. Oh! I noticed something; some left while one was removed. It seems the ones who left did that voluntarily but the team that was removed had no choice. They were forced out.

Lol! It's sweet to banter. I love to do that especially when it involves that team who have had more managers than trophies.

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