REVEALED: Why Lukas Podolski Left Arsenal for Inter Milan.

Lukas Podolski was left to join Inter Milan on loan when issues arose concerning his lack of games at the club. His exclusion from the starting lineup made most fans wonder what the problem was and at the end of the day, some came up with the claim that Wenger hardly played the 29-year-old because his style does not fit that of the Arsenal team.

But at his press conference on Friday, the Arsenal boss said he allowed Podolski leave due to the fact that he had too many players in his position thereby making him surplus to requirement.

The German international made his debut for Internazionale in their 1-1 draw with Juventus on Tuesday night and will remain with the Serie A giants till May.

Wenger also revealed that the deal gave Roberto Mancini's side no option for a permanent deal as earlier stated by some reports.

“He didn’t get enough opportunities to play - because I knew that, I gave him a chance to go,” the Arsenal manager said.

“Why? Because we have many players who can play in these positions and at the end of the day only 11 can start. When a player of his quality doesn’t get enough games, at some stage too much competition is detrimental to the confidence of the players and their positivity.

“You need the right number and we had too many players in this area. It’s nothing to do with his quality; it’s just down to the fact that we had too many players in the same area.

Podolski today accused Wenger of not bidding him farewell after completing his loan move. We are still waiting for his explanation on that. Maybe we will get to hear his own part at the post-match press conference after the Stoke game.

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