Szczesny Will Not Play Again After Receiving £20 000 Fine for Smoking - Reports.

Top of the morning to you all! What you are about to read is an update to the news posted here earlier today. There had been a slight change to the previous report.

It was said that there was a dressing room bust-up which involved Wojciech Szczesny after our 2-0 loss to Southampton on New Year Day. The reason given for this was that he said things that angered the rest of his teammates despite being at fault for the two goals Arsenal conceded on that day.

As a result of that unruly behaviour, it was said that Arsene Wenger got angry, fined the Polish international and told him he will never play again this season. This was revealed by former Arsenal and Danish international John Jensen who was live on Danish TV during the Arsenal v Hull game.

Szczesny was not even on the bench against Hull and this added fuel to the speculations as many thought it was a punishment for that dressing room brawl but an Arsenal spokesman later denied the claims and maintained that Szczesny is still a vital part of the team. Wenger also refused to say anything when asked about his first choice goalkeeper.

That been said, we woke up to another version of the story. It is similar to the first only that what caused the bust-up is different in this one.

What we got to know from the Daily Mail this morning was that his poor performance caused him some depression on that day and in a bid to push aside his worries, Szczesny took to the dressing room shower to smoke cigarettes. He was caught by a club staff.

Arsene Wenger was told about the incident and he was so infuriated. He reportedly fined Szczesny a fee of £20 000 before letting him know that he will be left out of our remaining games this season.

One does not know what to believe at the moment but let's just be patient. We will get to know the truth of the matter soon.

Arsene Wenger is well known for his non-tolerance of smoking from any of his players. Wojciech Szczesny, Jack Wilshere, Marouane Chamakh, Nicklas Bendtner and William Gallas are some players who have a history of smoking under the Frenchman. If the most recent news is true then it will be the third time the Pole would be caught smoking.

I would have asked for your opinions on Szczesny's post-Southampton behaviour but since the news is not fully confirmed yet, it will be wrong to castigate him for what he may not have done. But still I will like to know if you believe David Ospina should be played ahead of Wojo. Drop your comments below.

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  1. Wojo should be benched.

  2. Szczesny has had enough chances now. I was critical to him long before the Southampton game and again he proved that he is not focused when it matters: during game time. He is not a bad goalkeeper in terms of skills, but he has had several years to build up an impression of what type of goalkeeper he is. Unfortunately he always slips back to being unfocused which makes him look silly. Anyone remember his brilliant opening game for Poland in the Euro's? or was it the World cup? I don't remember which one, but I am sure you know what game I am talking about. If Arsenal is going to become a top club again, we need a goalkeeper that is stable. I would rather take a goalkeeper that does not give us spectacular saves, but performs on a stable level, than Szczesny's up and down performances. Sadly it is becoming the trademark of his career.

  3. Wojo should be given a rest.When a Goalkeeper stars fumbling the way he did against the Saints, he will loose confidence therefore danger is looming. David Ospina must take up the challenge NOW AND GET VERY SERIOUS, so that Wojo can run back for his GLOVES, and regain his confidence back.


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