WOW! Pictures of Hector Bellerin's Girlfriend Surface on the Internet.

Hector Bellerin broke into the first team after injuries to key players and he has since shown he can be greatly relied upon. I am so sure what many of us know about him is limited to the pitch. Anyway, what you are about to discover is something else outside his footballing career.

The girlfriend of Arsenal right-back has begun to seek recognition on social media. According to a post Isabella Johnson-Ewers made on Instagram, she and Hector Bellerin are now in a relationship.

Although the 19-year-old Bellerin has not given any clue of his link with Isabella, we have seen her post several pictures to show that they are now an entity.

Her bio on Instagram shows that Isabella is a dancer, feminist, model, singer and an actress.

Enough of the talk! Let's move on to the real stuff. See Bellerin's girlfriend below.

How does she look? Say something about her by using the comment box below.

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