Ex-Arsenal Star Involved in Roadside Fight With Bus Driver.

Former Arsenal skipper, Cesc Fabregas was last week involved in a brawl with a bus driver who almost had an accident as a result of the midfielder’s reckless driving. The roadside row saw the Spanish international swear at the driver before punching the windscreen of his double decker bus.

The driver whose name is Martin Hughes said that Fabregas who was driving an Aston Martin Vanquish cut ahead of him forcing him to the kerb. The driver blew his horn to alert the Chelsea midfielder but a rude gesture was what he got in return. After that happened, the driver went over to Fabregas’ window to complain about his poor road use but instead of admitting his wrong doing, the former Barcelona man began to swear at the driver.

When Cesc was done with the swearing, Hughes made him aware that he has recorded the whole scene via the double decker bus camera and told him: “I know you, and I have got it all on camera – and by the way you are a shit footballer.

Fabregas then sped off but later stopped his car, came back to take some pictures, walked over to the bus and gave a blow to the windscreen.

According to Hughes, this occurred on Wednesday afternoon – a day after Fabregas got injured in a Capital One Cup semi-final game against Liverpool. He further revealed that his vehicle got no damage. He has since reported the happening to his employers who are presently running an investigation.

If what the driver Martin Hughes revealed was the real thing then Fabregas did not act mature. You did something wrong. Someone tried to caution you and all you could do was to insult him. It’s unethical especially when it involves someone of his caliber. I just hope he hasn’t put himself into trouble.

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  1. Fabregas is now as bad as Mourihno

    1. I wonder why previously well-behaved players become wayward when they serve under The Talking One.


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