Popular Arsenal Fan Calls For the Sack of Arsene Wenger.

Controversial Arsenal fan and TV personality Piers Morgan has called on the club he supports to take out Arsene Wenger and bring in someone else.

In an interview with talksport after Arsenal lost to their North-London rivals in Saturday's derby, Morgan said that Arsene Wenger has underachieved in recent years and as such should be replaced with a manager who can get the club back to its old days of glory.

The Gunners ended their long wait for a trophy when they won the FA Cup last year and eversince then, it looked as if they are getting revived but according to the former 'American Got Talent' judge, it's all an overhype as he does not think there has been much improvement despite the side's victory over Manchester City few weeks ago.

“My view is that Wenger has had more than enough time,” Morgan told Call Collymore.

“Which top four club in the world would keep a manager who had won one second-tier domestic trophy in ten years? To me this is completely unacceptable.

“Our recent form has been exaggerated. We had a very good performance against Manchester Cityaway, but I was at Southampton when we got hammered on New Year ’s Day and our record against the top four or five teams over the last few years has been absolutely terrible...shocking.

“We’re sixth in the league, we’re out of the League Cup and yes, we’re still in the FA Cup, but the big yardstick for a team like Arsenal always should be the Premier League, and we have absolutely no hope of winning the league, yet again, for the tenth year running, and we’re only in February!

“So I simply say to Arsenal fans who disagree with me: At what point of failure do we say, ‘this is not good enough’, and we try someone else?”

Asked about who he thinks would be the right man for the job, Piers Morgan said:

“I will stand by the person I have been calling for a couple of years, and that it Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund.

“He took a team that was really struggling and he’s won the Bundesliga title twice in the last five years against a Bayern Munich team many believe is one of the all-time great teams.

“He’s dynamic, passionate, the fans and players love him and he’s 20 years younger than Wenger. We need to give someone like him the chance to come in and I believe he would be brilliant for us.

“If we don’t get him right now, when there’s a very real chance to get him, he will end up at another big club and do brilliantly for them.”

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