Arsene Wenger Hints on Title Chances.

Only One Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has stated that Arsenal have what it takes to put much pressure on Chelsea in the push for the Premier League title but admits the Blues still have a very good cushion at the peak of the league table.

A win for Arsenal ensured that the Gunners sit just seven points behind Jose Mourinho's side who dropped two points in their last game against Southampton. They [Chelsea] have the opportunity to lengthen the gap since they have an outstanding game which will be against Leicester City.

Thirteen wins for Arsenal in their last fifteen games on all fronts show that they are still capable of challenging for the trophy though Wenger does not think it will come easy.

“At the moment we are too far away from Chelsea,” the manager said. “But we have an opportunity every week to get closer and for that we need positive results from us, and negative results from Chelsea.

“The only thing we can master is positive results from us. I believe Chelsea still has a very good cushion and very good security. They still have a game in hand so I believe they are too far apart at the moment.

“It is very tight. We are on the neck of Manchester City but straight behind us we have Manchester United and Liverpool. Even Tottenham and Southampton are not completely out of it.

“It is down to our performances until the end of the season. I do not say second is good. I just think how can we win our next game at Newcastle, after giving it all on Tuesday night.”

As for me, I can boldly say that we are not going to win the league title. Every truthful fan knows this. Yes, it looks as if we can spring a surprise but if we take a look at current conditions one of which is Chelsea's presence in only one competition at the moment, we will see that the possibility of us laying or hands on that trophy is less than 2%. Chelsea will do all they can to see that they end up where they have sat all-season long. The FA Cup is an option for us.

As an Arsenal fan or rival fan, what's your take on Arsenal's chances of winning the league this season?

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