PATHETIC: Manchester United Fan Kills Himself After Old Trafford Loss.

According to sources in Kenya, a 42-year-old Manchester United fan took his own life after his side's loss to Arsenal on Monday night.

Arsenal triumphed over the Red Devils at Old Trafford in the quarter-final of the FA Cup, a game which could be described as 'A Clash Of The Titans'. The game ended 2-1 in the Gunners' favour and this meant that Luis Van Gaal's side had to pack their bags out of the season's edition of the competition. It was quite unfortunate as they blew away their only hope of winning a trophy in the present football campaign.

The outcome of that match was a disappointing one to many United fans who took to social media sites to express their disgust over the result. One fan went too far. He committed suicide by jumping into the Indian Ocean from the Kilifi Bridge few hours after that loss. What warranted such an act is what I am still wondering. Did he stake his house? Only God knows.

The United fan is from Kenya. His body was found by coast guard who after a thorough search on the victim, found out he was a United fan.

This is so pathetic! May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and to you football lovers, do not indulge in such an act. I know how difficult it is to deal with emotions but we shouldn't go as far as inflicting pains on ourselves and loved ones whenever we are let down by the club we love with all our hearts. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. That your team failed today does not mean they will not rise again.

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  1. Just because he was a man u fan doesnt that was the reason he may off had other reason as your article stated he was only found out 2 b a united fan unless u have other info that u did not state on this article dont call him pathetic because u dont know his life you Rya Lucazzy i rebuke your insensitivty in the allmighty Yeshua's name

    1. Hello!I didn't make the above claim. I was only reporting information from top sources in Kenya. His friends even leaked info that gave a clue as to why he might have done that and that still links to the United loss.

      You said I referred to the victim as pathetic? I never did. I only termed the situation 'pathetic' and in case you do not know, 'pathetic' means 'arousing pity' so what did I do wrong?

  2. Your intension is what is wrong do you even care if he killed himself you labeled it that only to get hits on your blog dont blame you i guess you are just another news reporter bringing us news with no emotion would not TRAGIC have been a better title

    1. You are entitled to your own opinions. So you believe I am happy he killed himself?? Sounds strange.

      And saying that 'tragic' would have been a better caption instead of 'pathetic makes it look as if you do not know what a pathetic situation is. A tragic situation is a pathetic one because it arouses pity.


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