Three Arsenal Owners Appear in Forbes World's Richest List.

Three Arsenal billionaire owners were featured on Forbes' annual mega-rich list of world billionaires which was released this week

A total of 1, 862 people made the list including Alisher Usmanov, Stan Kroenke and Farhad Moshiri who are three of the 10 Premier League club owners who appeared on the list.

Alisher Usmanov who owns a 15% stake at Arsenal was on 71st position with a net worth of £9.4billion. Majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke on the other hand was 225th in the world with a net worth of £4.1billion while a British-Iranian investor who possesses a 15% stake at Arsenal clinched the 894th spot. He is worth £1.4billion.

Roman Abramovic of Chelsea is one of the ten EPL club owners who joined the Arsenal trio on the world rich list. He is on 137th position with £5.9billion as his worth.

The above details imply that Alisher Usmanov is the richest shareholder in the Englsih Premier League. QPR's Lakshmi Mittal is second while Abramovic is third. The two other Arsenal men, Kroenke and Moshiri are fourth and ninth respectively.

There is one person many would have expected to see on the list but surprisingly, he is nowhere to be found. That person is no other than Sheik Mansour of Manchester City. All those on the list have their wealth as individually earned not royal or family wealth. You should know what I am talking about.

However, in the case of Sheik Mansour his wealth isn't one that can be said to be self earned and for this reason, he was left out even though he was said to worth about £20billion back then in 2011.

I am still wondering why my name did not appear in the ranking. Well, I will just keep quiet and watch. Afterall, everyone knows I am richer than all those who appeared there. Hahahahahaha. Don't take me serious. Just kidding!

Below is the full list showing Premier League owners who appeared on Forbes' world's richest ranking.

71. Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal - £9.4billion
82. Lakshmi Mittal, QPR - £8.8billion
137. Roman Abramovich, Chelsea - £5.9billion
225. Stan Kroenke, Arsenal - £4.1billion
277. Joe Lewis, Tottenham - £3.5billion
318. Mike Ashley, Newcastle - £3.2billion
714. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, Leicester - £1.8billion
737. Denise Coates, Stoke - £1.6billion
894. Farhad Moshiri, Arsenal - £1.4billion
1190. John Henry, Liverpool - £1billion

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