Aaron Ramsey Unhappy With Current Role As He Asks Wenger to Play Walcott.

Wenger always wants to see Aaron Ramsey play even if it means playing him out of position. There was a time when some fans in my hood were saying funny things like: 'Is Wenger married to Ramsey's mum?' They get baffled seeing him in the team all the time.

His favourite spot is in central midfield but as a result of the competition there, he is currently being deployed on the wings where Theo Walcott should be playing.

According to the Wales international, he is not comfortable playing on the flanks and for this reason, has called on Arsene Wenger to let Theo Walcott take his place.

“Playing on the right is not my preferred position,” said Ramsey.

“I am a central midfielder and that’s where I like to be. I like to be involved a lot more in the game.

“But the manager’s asked me to do a job out there, and I do have the licence to drift in and get involved.

“When we are defending, I have to stay in position but when we get the ball I can drift. I am not a winger, I can’t knock the ball beyond my man like Theo does.

“I prefer to get in the little pockets of space, get involved and play the combinations but it is important to do a job for the team.”

Why Wenger prefers to play Rambo in Walcott's position and leave the now fit English international on the bench is still unknown. Could it be because Theo has not yet agreed to sign a new deal?

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