Alexis Sanchez Steals Teammate's Suitcase on Monday Night.

Arsenal star and Chilean international Alexis Sanchez has got innocent looks and anyone who sees those smiles of his would never believe he could do what he did on Monday night.

Arsenal were to play against Swansea City on Monday night and before kick-off, Santi Cazorla was heading for the dressing room with his suitcase when he met a former teammate, Jefferson Montero who they both played together at Villarreal.

Being that it's been a long time they last met, Cazorla decided to stop by and say 'Hi' so he dropped his suitcase, went to Montero, hugged him and had a brief chat with him. While the chat was ongoing, Alexis came around to say hello to Montero. He then left the scene with Santi's suitcase without letting the Spaniard know.

When Cazorla was through and wanted to continue his trip to the dressing room, he noticed that his suitcase was no more where he kept it and so he began to panic. He knew not what had happened.

It later got known that Sanchez was responsible for the theft of the suitcase when he pointed to the spot where he had kept it. Everyone around laughed as they realized it was all a prank on Cazorla who was already feeling unsettled. Lol. I suspect Cazorla would one day play a revenge-prank on Alexis. Watch out for that!

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