Arsenal Forward Happy to Prove a Point, Discusses Arsenal Career.

Theo Walcott faced the media after the Arsenal draw at Old Trafford yesterday.The England international came on late in the game when his side were trailing and grabbed an equaliser through his deflected cross to bring his side back on level terms.

Due to the fact that that goal was a deflection which was later adjudged an own goal, Theo still believes it was his effort and as such claims credit for that goal. He talked about other issues concerning his career at the Emirates Stadium and the FA Cup final. Below is a ful transcript from the club's official website:

Walcott Goal Against United

on making a big contribution
I’ve been very patient coming back from injury. It always takes time to come back from injury but I know that I’m ready in training, I just need more match minutes. As a substitute, you need to be positive and need to be focused as well because you may get a chance and when you do, you have to take it. It was a great result with us and I’m happy with the goal.

on whether it was his goal
Of course it was. You’ve got to take whatever you can get. It’s an important game and I’m definitely claiming it.

on how important the goal is
When you come to Old Trafford and get a positive result… We know we didn’t play great but we finished very strong which shows how fit we are as a team. Going into the last two games we know we only need one more point. It’s going to hurt United but it feels like a win for us.

on how tough it has been to wait
It’s always tough but I feel like I’m part of the squad. It’s nice to be back amongst the squad. I had a year out and sometimes it takes that long to get back into the team. The manager was patient with me and I’ve been patient with myself as well. I wasn’t putting too much pressure on myself by expecting to be where I was before I got injured. I feel like I’m getting stronger, quicker and there’s a couple more games so hopefully I can stake my claim to play the FA Cup final.

on the cup final
You have to ask the manager about that but hopefully I’ve done enough.

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