Arsene Wenger Indirectly Attacks Jose Mourinho.

After what we can tag 'an uncensored verbal attack' from Jose Mourinho towards Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, the Gunners boss has lashed at the Portuguese by characterizing him as disrespectful.

Arsenal hosted the Blues at the Emirates Stadium last Sunday in a tie which ended in a goaless draw and during the match, Chelsea had to pass into their ears, the chants of Arsenal supporters who sang 'boring boring Chelsea'. This made Mou angry and as expected, he had something crazy to say at his post-match press conference.

When asked of what he felt about the taunts by Arsenal fans, the former Real Madrid boss replied by giving his own definitions of a boring team.

Mourinho said: "I think boring is 10 years without a title - that's boring. If you support a club and you wait, wait, wait for so many years without a Premier League title, then that's boring.

"Maybe Arsenal's fans were not singing to us. When you want to win the game and you take your striker Olivier Giroud off maybe they want more, maybe they want Giroud and Theo Walcott up front."

Responding to this on Friday, Wenger said: "The biggest thing for a manager is to respect other managers. Some people have to improve on that," he said.

"You can have incidents with other managers sometimes.

"It gets a bit heated when you fight directly with them, but in the end I believe time heals and the important thing is to respect each other as much as you can."

I noticed from Wenger's quotes that he did not mention Mourinho's name. Nonetheless, we all know who he was referring to. Only God knows when the feud between these two will end. The other time, it was Mou calling Wenger 'a specialist in failure', later it was a touchline row at the Emirates in 2014. Here we are again. Lol.

Sentiments apart, Wenger was right afterall. Mourinho is the disrespectful type and only a dishonest being will deny that. He lacks public address courtesy. I do not see any reason why you have to attack a club in that manner. We have seen many occasions when fans of one team did such to another team and even if the manager of the taunted team had to comment on that, we did not hear rude statements like that of the Talking One.

We have to get used to this guy so that whenever he says such things, we just see it as normal. A leopard can never change it's skin just as water cannot ferment to become palmwine. That's Mourinho for you.

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