Barcelona Preparing £50million Bid For Arsenal Midfielder.

As the transfer window opening date draws close, several speculations have and are still littering the internet. This morning, there was this news that caught my eye but since I thought it to be one of those usual transfer linkings that never succeed, I just ignored it.

I later found out that almost every news source had it on their pages so I started giving some attention to it and that's why I decided to come in here and share it with you guys.

Barcelona are reportedly making moves to sign midfielder Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal. According to the Mirror, the Catalan side are willing to pay £50millon for the Welshman who they want to replace Xavi.

The Champions League finalists have sent scouts to watch Ramsey on ten different occasions this season, hoping to acquire his services by next season. Even though they are under a transfer ban which will not allow them make any transfers this summer, they are still hoping that they can do something to scale the ban or better still make pending deals that will be completed by 2016.

The surprising part of this news is the price involved. £50million for Ramsey? Well, let us watch as it all unfolds. I was at first forced to say that we will not sell out Rambo but later reflected on previous cases. In the case of Alex Song for instance, it started like this too. We got the news but took it unserious until we heard that the move had been sealed. It was the same in the case of Thomas Vermaelen, so one can not be too sure about this.

Would you sell out Ramsey if you were Arsene Wenger and got a £50million bid for him? How would you feel if he leaves North-London for Spain?

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