English FA Places Wembley Ban on Aston Villa Flag.

Arsenal and Aston Villa will lock horns this weekend to decide who will be the season's FA Cup champions and ahead of the big game, the FA has issued an order which many Villa fans received with shock.

The FA has asked Arsenal's opponent not to bring the large flag they have prepared to the Wembley Stadium on Saturday, the reason being that it contains Arsenal's name and might be taken as an insult by the Gunners. The inscription on the flag is what caused the ban. 'Never Mind the Arsenal, Here's the Aston Villa' is what is written on that flag which many Villa fans came together to raise £3000 for.

Supporters have signed a petition imploring the FA to raise the ban and allow the flag into the stadium on that day as they do not see anything wrong with what is scribbled on it.

The pioneers of the petition stated: "While there’s a slight edge of humour there, it’s not disrespectful in the slightest to Arsenal fans, as the intention behind the flag was to announce to the world with some bravado that Villa are back!

"Football fans have now become nothing more than the controlled atmosphere decoration to help sell the TV product."

It is more interesting to know that some Arsenal supporters group like the Arsenal Supporters' Trust have involved themselves in the campaign. The group called on the FA to let Villa go ahead with the flag unveiling on that day as they do not see it as a kind of disrespect to their club.

"We are flattered that the Villa fans consider us worthy of being included on their banner and see absolutely no reason why Arsenal fans should consider it anything other than what it is, a well designed idea with no intention to cause any offence or incite bad feeling between the fans.

"In the true spirit of football, we urge the FA to see sense and look forward to the Villa fans unveiling their banner at the final."

The Football Supporters' Federation has also shown its support for the petition. This is a statement from them.: “It isn't offensive, isn't discriminatory nor is it inflammatory. This banner should be allowed into Wembley.”

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