HELP NEEDED: Who Will Community Shield Opponent Be If Same Team Wins EPL and FA Cup?

I would like you all to help out with something which is currently causing a tense debate in one of the Arsenal Facebook groups I belong to.

Someone asked who the opponent of the team that wins both the FA Cup and Premier League will be in the Community Shield.

I gave a reply countering the response of the first two guys who commented. They said that the winner of the Capital One Cup will be the oppnent and I said:

"No, the second on the league table will be the opponent not the Capital One Cup winner."

There were few others who agreed with me but one of those whose comments I antagonized said that my theory will only come to play if same team wins the EPL, FA Cup and Capital One Cup i.e. the second in the league will only play in the Community Shield if one team wins all English competitions.

Another guy said: "They will play the beaten finalist in the F.A Cup not second on the league."

I had to again respond to the above comments so I said, "I am sure of what I am saying."

"If same team wins the EPL and FA Cup, they will play the second in the EPL not the Capital One Cup winner. A team does not need to win the treble before that happens.

"In the 2009/10 season, Chelsea won the FA Cup and EPL while Man United won the Capital One Cup and were League runner-ups. They then played Chelsea in the Community Shield, not because they were Capital One Cup winners but because they finished second in the league."

I ended up not being able to convince them. More people even came up with ridiculous opinions, so stuck in there, I decided to ask you guys.

I want to hear your own part. Please, tell me which you think is right. You can use the comment box below. Anticipating your replies.

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  1. Yep ur right,plus,i wanna join that group

    1. Thanks for dropping by to give an answer. This is the Facebook group

  2. The runner up of the EPL... Plays the Winner of the EPL and fa cup


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