Jose Mourinho Mocks Arsenal and Other League Rivals.

Mourinho the Talkative

Chelsea held an end-of-season award ceremony after their Premier League trophy parade and at the event, Jose Mourinho attacked his rivals in such a disrespectful manner.

The Portuguese who thinks his side were not given the credits they deserved during the campaign took his time to deliver a mocking speech with the aid of some graphics. His jibes were directed at Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal.

"My players did not get the respect they deserved from day one to the last day," he said. "These are words that I really feel but now I have a fiction story and let's try to enjoy it.

"This is a game with two goals, but there is one team [with red shirts] that like to play without the ball.

"That team plays really well and the ball goes and goes and goes and the quality of the ball possession is good, but they don't score. No points.

"They asked the FIFA committee if they can win like this but they're told it's not possible. That the bigger possession is not essential to win matches and they are not champions.

"Then, there is another team [wearing sky blue shirts]. Only with one goal. And they score a lot of goals, from players in every position, and they score and they score and they score.

"But they never concede a goal because there's no goal. They speak to FIFA and they say they can't be champions because there is only one goal.

"There is a third team [with red shirts and white sleeves], and the third team wants to play with two goals.

"They were scoring some, they were also conceding some. But they score really beautiful goals and then the bus comes along and they couldn't do it.

"But they asked the international board to play only between January and April. And they told 'no chance, no chance'.

"You have to play between August and May, so they couldn't be champions.”

"Finally there is a team [with blue shirts]. They wanted to play with the normal rules and they know that in matches they have to score one more goal than the opponent.

"How can you do this? By scoring lots of goals, by not conceding and scoring one.

"That was the option and lots of goals were conceding, they played from August till May and sometimes they brought the bus."

From the above statements, we can see that the first team he was referring to is Man United, next is Man City, third is Arsenal and finally his own side, Chelsea.

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