Thierry Henry Replies To Olivier Giroud's Accusation.

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has made his previous statement about Olivier Giroud clearer after being attacked by the Arsenal striker.

Thierry Henry said on one of his shows with Sky Sports that Arsenal will not win the league with Giroud as their top striker. He urged Arsene Wenger to visit the transfer market and get someone better. Not so long after he made those comments, reactions rose among various factions of Arsenal fans. While some agreed with the Frenchman's claim, others objected to it.

It was not just the fans alone who had something to say. Arsene Wenger and Giroud also made their voices heard as both gave their views. Giroud accused Henry of being controversial after being tagged 'dull' in his football analysis.

Giroud was not happy with Henry for saying such a thing and expressed his disappointment. He stated that the swipe from the ex-Gunner had a negative effect on his form which might be why he has failed to score in his last eight outings.

"I heard he was saying too many dull things", Giroud told L'Equipe 21. "That was a bomb and it had its desired effect."

“It was surprising to hear him take apart the team. I say ‘team’ because it wasn’t just me, it was the spine. I think he’s wrong”

“I didn’t enjoy hearing it. Coming from an ex-France and Arsenal striker, it’s a shame. It was a bit easy for him to say that after Chelsea game.

“We were doing well, unbeaten in 10, my stats were good. It hurt my pride.”

After Giroud's response, Henry felt his utterances were misinterpreted by his fellow countryman and for that reason has come out to clarify the whole issue. According to him, he was not urging Wenger to sell Giroud but rather, get someone who can compete with him.

The Frenchman said on Sky Sports after the season came to an end: “Can they do better? I think they can.”

“Alexis Sanchez made me believe that he can be that guy but I do believe he needs help.

“I also believe Olivier Giroud needs help. I said what I said and people took it a bit the wrong way.

“I think that when we were winning titles it was because Kanu could do a job when I needed a rest, Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord was coming some time with a hat-trick there or a goal at the end of the game.

“They were not all starters and I think that they need another striker with other characteristics than Giroud.

“Giroud can do a job for Arsenal, Sanchez can do a job for Arsenal. That team can do a job for Arsenal but the stats say they didn’t win the league yet so I think they need to improve that with other guys.”

Arsenal finished the 2014/15 season in third position, 12 points behind league winners Chelsea and this goes a long way to justify the claims of King Henry. Arsene Wenger really needs to do something to make the Gunners a threat in the title challenge.

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