Wenger Discusses Changes in Rivalry With Man Utd.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger feels that the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal is no longer as tense as it used to be. He says it has become more respectful of recent.

Both sides were involved in a number of bad-tempered clashes in the past as they battled for trophies. It is no longer so, according to the Frenchman. Nonetheless, he still expects a very tough game by the time his team faces the Red Devils this Sunday.

“I believe the rivalry exists and there is a fierce rivalry between all the teams,” he said.

“But is it a bit more respectful today? Maybe. It's not too bad. It's only the people who are not inside it who find it absolutely fantastic.

“It has [changed] because at the start it was mainly for a long period Man United and us, between 1998 and 2004. Then Chelsea joined, after you had Manchester City joining in, so it has changed, yes.

“We have been consistent on both sides. We have gone through some periods where we were really restricted in our finances when Man United were not.

“Sometimes I felt that we were fighting with three boxers who have much more resources than us, over the years, and on that front it was Chelsea, Man City and Man United for years who had a much higher calibre financially.”

The clash between Man United and Arsenal is expected to be a tough one because these two sides are battling to finish at least in third position. While Man Utd will be hoping to win so that they can go above Arsenal who are currently third, the Gunners will be hoping to either win or draw in order to maintain their lead over United.

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