AMAZING: Alexis Sanchez Is Not Special, Says Centre-Back.

Ahead of their semi-final clash against Chile in the Copa America tournament, Juan Vargas has declared that he is not scared to play against Alexis Sanchez.

The Peru centre-back stated that he will not let the presence of someone like Sanchez stop him from playing his game. He is not ready to be intimidated. To him, there is nothing so special about the steaming Arsenal forward that he should be afraid of.

"Against them we have to play our own game. I've already played against Alexis and Vargas and they are not anything special," the Fiorentina man told journalists.

"We still have three days to go, so let's think about ourselves and correct our mistakes."

Lol. It is not strange to hear such from players days to when they will be coming head-to-head with a genius in the footballing community. What do you expect? He wouldn't have come out to say that he is afraid of Sanchez even though he knows within himself that he will be so happy if the 26-year-old would not play. That will be unprofessionalism at its peak. We shall see on that day. I believe Sanchez has heard this. A great challenge it is to the 2014/15 Arsenal player of the season and I hope Vargas does not eat his words after the game because he has just stepped on the tail of a sleeping lion.

Peru sealed their semi-final place after a 3-1 win over Bolivia two days ago and will now face the hosts of the competition on Monday night. Chile knocked out Uruguay in a tense quarter-final encounter and will now look to appear in their first ever final in the history of the South American competition.

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