'You Could Have Injured Me', Says Alexis Sanchez.

Arsenal forward, Alexis Sanchez has revealed that an Uruguayan star who almost got him injured on Wednesday night later apologized to him.

The game was so tense as there were a series of brawls in the match. Uruguay ended up getting two of their players sent off for improper conduct and that haunted them as they went on to lose 1-0 to Chile.

Sanchez was also a victim of some harsh treatment during the game. He was badly tackled by Jorge Fucile who was sent off after getting a second yellow card for that challenge.

The decision caused a prolonged confrontation among players and officials from both sides.

In a post-match interview, Sanchez stated that one Uruguayan player who he refused to name, came and said sorry to him for the rough treatment he had been given.

“They like to fight, argue, go forward all out; one player told me in the first half ‘Move you wimp’ — but then later he said to me: ‘I am sorry’,” Sanchez said, without identifying the opponent in question.

“He said to me,’That’ll do, I kicked the shit out of you’. And I said, ‘Alright but you could have caused an injury and that’s not what football’s about,'”

Chile are now through to the penultimate stage of the competition which is the semi-final.

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